The Tassie Hemp Shop business is mainly made up of Tim and Pip Schmidt and Kate Schmidt and Ben Lawless. Other members of the family Nick, Isobel and Jack Schmidt have also been involved. Further, in developing our products we have been privileged enough to collaborate with other producers in our local community. 

At Woodlands farm we grow hemp. At this stage, we grow hemp for the seeds. Our hemp seeds are either dehulled to make hemp hearts or pressed to make hemp seed oil. After our hemp seeds are pressed, they can also go through a mill to make hemp flour. This is all completed within a 30 kilometer radius from Woodlands farm. 


Hemp Hearts are highly nutritious with 31% protein and packed with essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and GLA. Hemp Hearts have quite a nutty creamy flavour that can be added to any dish.

Hemp Seed Oil is packed with your essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and GLA. These are good for many things including your skin, digestion and inflammation. Hemp Seed Oil is also high in vitamin E and has an SPF of 5 so we have been collaborating with other producers in developing a skin care range.

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We first began growing hemp at Woodlands Farm 9 years ago. Previously we grew hemp for larger co-operations. Tim Schmidt has been a keen supporter of the growing industry and with the community we live in we thought maybe selling our own hemp was not such a silly idea. We already knew how to grow hemp. For the last 18 months at The Tassie Hemp Shop we have been learning how to package, sell and distribute our products, collaborating with local producers and our fellow farmers market community.